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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Korean Garden Club Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

My Rating: (4/6)

6 6 6 6

It was Saturday night! Mr. bf and I decided to try out Korean food at this very lovely place. He had been here once with his ex-colleagues but this was my first time dining in this Korean restaurant.


The sign board is big and bright so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


DSC00512 It’s an old bungalow-cum- restaurant


DSC00515 An old fountain

DSC00499 DSC00467 DSC00468

DSC00469DSC00494DSC00470 DSC00485 DSC00486DSC00466 DSC00489 DSC00490 DSC00493



Every table comes equipped with a cooker hood, which sucks up most of the smoke.


Korean spoon and chopstick are pretty long. The flat chopstick is kinda difficult to use.

Soon after we put in our order, our drinks and complimentary side dishes (ban-chan) were served. This restaurant served about 10 side dishes. Overall, they tasted quite good.

DSC00446 Both of us ordered Aloe Vera Juice, RM4/glass

DSC00436 DSC00425 DSC00427

Cockles – Mr. bf’s favorite


It tastes like jelly.

DSC00429 DSC00430


DSC00431 DSC00432DSC00434Kimchi


Here comes our order.


Fresh pork rib eye (五花肉), RM25

DSC00433The waitress of course cooked it all to perfection right in front of us, on the BBQ in the middle of table. They used charcoal and onion to cook the meat. That's why the meat taste so much nicer. And it's healthy too as I did not see the staff adding any oil while cooking the meat. I was sitting right in front of the stove. So by the end of the meal, my body was full of meat and charcoal smell.


The pork rib eye was then sliced into bite sized chunks for our consumption.

DSC00426DSC00438 They gave some vegetables, garlic and sauce to wrap with the meat.DSC00465

I didn’t know the proper way to wrap but the meat was really delicious.


Seafood Onion Pancake, RM25

I should say this plate of egg was a bit overpriced. It was eggs with scallions, chilies, spring onions and a few miserable tiny prawns. I love thin layer of Korean pancake but this was too thick.


Korean Stone Rice or Bibimbap (石头饭), RM25

This is one of my favorite Korean food. Bibimbap was served as a bowl of warm white rice topped seasoned vegetables, an raw egg and chili pepper paste. The waitress stirred the ingredients together thoroughly in front of us and that was how it looked like after mixing everything. However, it seemed to lack much of the fiery taste I like.


Soup with egg and some veggies. The soup was tasty.

In most common Korean dish they will serve unlimited refill of side dishes (banchan). Mr. bf informed a waitress to top up the cockles. After waited for so long, he reminded her again; only then she told us cockles were finished. Hmm, I should conclude that the service was not really good.

The meal was not bad overall. By the end of the meal, both of us felt super full. Total bill comes to RM 91++.

Korean Garden Club Restaurant

Cuisine: Korean

Address: No. 20, Jalan Skudai, Straits View, Johor Bahru, Johor 80200
Tel: 07-2244733

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