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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kakiage Soba Recipe



20g sweet potato

10g carrot

20g green beans

20g onion

3 tbsp tempura flour

2 tbsp cold water

60ml soba soup base

80g dried soba noodles

2L water to boil soba

240ml water

Shichimi – seven flavor chili pepper

frying oil



  1. Slice sweet potato into quarter inch slices. Chop it into quarter inch strip.
  2. Slice carrots into quarter inch slices. Chop it into quarter inch strip.
  3. Chop off the stem end of green beans. Cut it into 2 inch pieces.
  4. Slice the onion into quarter inch slices.
  5. Sieve tempura flour into a bowl.
  6. Add cold water and stir lightly. (tempura batter)
  7. Put all vegetables strip into a bowl. Add a little tempura flour and mix it evenly. Add into tempura batter and mix it well.
  8. Prepare soup: Warm up soba soup base diluted with water in a pot.
  9. In the mean time, prepare fried vegetables mixture (kakiage): Place the vegetable mixtures on a wooden rice paddle. Gently put the mixture into the oil. Keep the vegetable strips together. Deep fry until both side turn golden brown.
  10. Drain the oil and place the kagiage on a rack.
  11. Take out a bowl of hot water from the pot. Place soba noodle in the boiling water. Gently spread the noodle evenly. When it comes to a full boil, immediately reduce heat to low. Let it for a few seconds and drain the noodle in running water.
  12. Reheat soba soup base.
  13. Emerge the noodle in icy water to give better texture. Drain the noodles well with a kitchen tower. Pour hot water onto the soba. Drain it with a kitchen towel again.
  14. Transfer noodle into a bowl. Pour the hot soba soup base to the noodles. Place kakiage on top of the noodles and finally sprinkle with some shichimi.

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