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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loh Mai Rice (糯米饭) Recipe



Simple ingredients -

1) Glutinous rice - 200gm - soak in water overnight.
2) Chicken breast -10-15 medium cubes

3) Mushroom - 5-6 small pieces - soak and cut to slices

4) Chinese sausage (lap cheong) - 2 pieces - cut to slices.

5) Dried shrimp - a handful - soaked

6) Raw peanuts - a handful

7) Shallots
8) Marinate for chicken - soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, sesame oil.

9) Seasoning for rice - 2 tbsp oil or lard, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper.


Simple preparation -

1) Firstly in a dry hot wok, put in the peanuts. On medium fry, stir the peanuts around from time to time. Once it is hot, the skin will come off. Peanuts are ready. Remove and keep separately.


2) Then put oil in the wok and stirfry the shallots till cripsy. Drain oil, remove and put aside.

3) In the same oil (add a bit more if not enough), fry the dried shrimp till fragrant and crispy. Remove and keep aside.

4) Put in the Chinese sausage (lap cheong) into wok. Do not need to add oil as the lap cheong is oily. Once fragrant, remove and keep aside.


5) Next, in the remaning oil, stirfry the mushroom first.


6) After add the marinated chicken. Stir and add some water. Once the chicken is brown (it's ok if not completely cooked) remove and put aside.


7) In the same wok, put in the rice. Please ensure rice have been soaked for at least 3 hours. Much better if you soaked it overnight. Put in the seasonings.


8) Next, add in all the earlier cooked ingredients (except kacang) and mixed with rice.


9) Scoop it up into a big bowl (flat bottom) and steam about 1 hour.


10) When it’s ready to serve, add the peanuts.


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