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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ban Ton Kao Restaurant @ Krabi, Thailand

My Rating for Ban Ton Kao: (5/6)

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Ban Ton Kao - the name, with lush green plants all around. It has a pond, a paddy field, a playground and even a Ferris Wheel. Food was served by the friendly waitresses while we were busy snapping pictures of the beautiful place (and the food too, of course). It was a really awesome Thai meal. It would be probably be half of what you're expected to spend for an equivalent meal in Malaysia.

Ban Ton Kao Restaurant (Krabi, Thailand)
Cuisines: Southern Thai, Authentic Thailand Seafood
Address: 116-166/1 Klong Ji-Lad Junction. Soi U-Sampeenong, Tambol SaiThai. Amphur Muang, Krabi 81000.
Phone: (66)06-72720013

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mama’s Kitchen @ Krabi, Thailand

My Rating for Mama’s Kitchen: (3/6)

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Roads on Phi Phi Island are not named but if they were, the one Mama’s is on would be called ‘Main Street’ as it is the busiest in the area.

Basically, come off the pier and turn right. Keep on walking for about 100 meters till you see Mama’s on the left-hand side.

Wood throughout with a high thatched roof and bamboo walls, it’s very cool and very tropical. Banana trees leaves poke over the hallway walls.

A lot of the restaurant’s artwork on the walls and in the hallway is that of Bobol, an expatriate French artist living in Phuket.

There is a modest bar with a mirror behind a couple of rows of optics and a darts board in the corner. Low-slung lighting makes a statement in the nighttime and during the day Mama’s is a good people-watching spot.

1 (59) Cuisine: Thai, Chinese and European

1 (60)

Dining Table

1 (69)1 (68) Rice

1 (62)Crab

1 (63) Squid

1 (65)Crab

1 (70)

Fried fish

1 (66) Prawn

1 (67) Tofu

Location Map:


Thai Style Duck Noodle @ Krabi, Thailand

My Rating for Thai Style Duck Noodle: (3/6)

96 96 96

We had Duck noodle when we arrived in Krabi, our tour guide told us its famous and delicious dishes. All the tourists will be brought to this rural place where you won’t really able to find it by yourself without anyone to guide you there.


A simple hut

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Thai style duck noodle soup – kind of like bak kut teh soup

1 (30)

Pork satay